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brooke+mike had a september green building wedding in brooklyn, with a strong showing of loved ones. the day was mixed sun and rain, and was filled with unique touches. the guys and their icing, thoughtful gift exchanges for the bride and groom before the ceremony, lorenzo the wedding dog and his neck-tie, custom table settings, food trucks with delicious dinner and deserts for the reception, and i also got to set-up a self-portrait booth for the guests in the “speakeasy” back room of the green building. did i mention the delicious food trucks? i’m still dreaming of those fried brussels sprouts!

Wedding Rings Wedding Dress Toms Shoes 03-Bride-Dog-Hair-Prep 04-Bride-Prep-Hair 05-Bride-Make-Up-Prep 06-Bride-Wedding-Gift 07-Hair-Flower Freelense Bride Portrait 09-Bride-Hall-Portrait 10-Wedding-Prep-Departure The Green Building Brooklyn 12-Groom-Prep-Boutineer 13-Wedding-Groom-Drink 14-Dog-Ring-Wedding Wedding First Look Brooklyn 16-Brooklyn-Wedding-Couple 17-Green-Building-Wedding 18-Groom-Wedding-Gift 19-Bride-Bike-Gift 20-Wedding-Gift-Exchange Brooklyn Groomsmen in the Rain the Groom does Kung-Fu portrait 23-Wedding-Dog 24-Wedding-Processional 25-Groom-At-Alter 26-Bride-At-Alter 27-Maid-Of-Honor The Green Building Wedding Ceremony in Brooklyn 29-Bride-Groom-Ceremony 30-Happy-Wedding-Guests 31-Happy-Mother-of-Bride a Happy Father of the bride Bride Wedding Bouquet with string lights of The Green Building 34-Brooklyn-Wedding-Couple Brooklyn Wedding Portrait in front of a Food Truck 36-Brooklyn-Wedding-Dinner-Table Wedding Reception Food Trucks Brooklyn Green Building Reception 39-Bride-Wedding-Reception 40-First-Dance 41-Green-Building-Brooklyn-Reception Wedding Dance Party at the Green Building Brooklyn Wedding Photo Booth Green Building Wedding Photo Booth 45-Brooklyn-Wedding-Reception the Married couple in the Photo Booth
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