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when sam+john first contacted me, they weren’t sure of the exact plan on how they wanted to have their southampton wedding unfold.  the one thing that was certain, low-key… nothing involving strangers or anything superfluous.  the day should, and would be about two… about a boy who fell in love with a girl.

no dj, no fancy lights, no rented decor, or even an officiant…. not only was i honored to be invited as their photographer, but i got to utilize my card-carrying membership of the spiritual humanist clergy.  i got ordained in the past to legally marry my oldest friend, and sam+john figured why have a stranger officiate when the “right reverend” is in the house.

the day had a bit of the burning man mentality to it for me.  no, not the get your freak on part.  but the principal of self-reliance and participation… everyone is invited to work.  everyone is invited to play.  make the world real through actions that open the heart.

the dozen or so of us, including this photographer/officiant/guest, simply had a wonderful time.

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